Environment & QUANTEC®

Companies which wish to act genuinely in the area of naturopathy must not ignore environmental interests either. We are not concerned with finding a superficial argument to present ourselves as environmental heroes but to actually find measures which actually help the environment irrespective of the costs incurred by doing so.

We have therefore taken the following measures in detail:

Environmentally friendly materials

The QUANTEC® PRO triangle of rose quartz and glass is, of course, no problem: all the materials are environmentally friendly. And the diode has an average service life of 80 years.

Care is taken with the QUANTEC® MED to make sure that it can be properly recycled. We have made the housing out of aluminium without any metal alloys that could make recycling more dificult.


The company`s own photovoltaic plant produces more power than the company needs.

"Green" Electricity

The power that we take from the grid when the sun is not shining, comes into the company as green electricity. We have changed our power suppliers. We have now become customers from Greenpeace energy.

Heating with Pellets

The heating has been converted from oil to pellets (wood). We are also falling back on sustainable sources of energy.

Solar Plant

The heating plant is sustained by a solar plant installed on our roof next to the photovoltaic modules. Our hot water is also heated by this solar plant.


Paper recycling is also a self evident, just like the separation of waste. We also try to save as much paper as possible by using digital mail and archiving.


All the plants and trees in the park, approximately 1 ha. in size at QUANTEC® GmbH have been cultivated since 1997 without chemicals. Pests, fungi and diseases are treated with out QUANTEC® device, the other device in our company.

The ability to do something for the environment has the quality of joy.

We look forward to using our modules based on the measures we have already mentioned as our contribution towards the environment.